Daily Archives: 4th July 2017

The Rural Rambler.

Now before you ask I am not talking about some old chap with a rucksack on his back, well worn boots on his feet and a cloth cap on his head wandering up and down the railway whilst puffing on an old pipe that smells like it’s burning old socks.

No I am talking about a little GWR tank engine chuffing up and down the line hauling four coaches.

It is I will agree not quite the same as a large steam loco hauling a decent number of coaches. But it is just as important in the history of railways in this country.

Many lines had little engines with a couple of coaches chugging up and down through the countryside day in and day out.

This was our contribution to that part of history last weekend.

It’s a super little locomotive to look at and really nice to photograph, especially if the sun is out.

Certainly it seemed popular with a good number of passengers, even allowing for the fact it was hauling fewer wagons. It sounded right as well as it left the station chugging away down the line.

Ran fairly well to time as well which is more than can be said for many of the other locomotives we run during the year.

It’s running again tomorrow (Wednesday) and I am looking forward to seeing it again. It’s only with us as a guest for a short time so we must make the best of it whilst we can.

I mean even Paddy came down to photograph it, so it can’t be bad!!!