Daily Archives: 30th April 2018

Not the best of weekends.

Last weekend can best be described as wet, cold and quiet. At least at Orton Mere

I was down at the station on Thursday for an ice cream delivery and the weather was lovely.

As you can see nice wall to wall sunshine. Really nice.

Now compare this with Saturday morning, what a difference two days can make.

Miserable sky and rain pouring down.

Both days were cold and on both days I closed after third train, on the Sunday we did not see a customer after about midday, there was nobody even walking past,

I gather bit was cold on the Travelling Post Office which was running demonstrations on both days.

The first three services both days were steam with 92 Squadron. Here it is on Sunday, when the rain had actually stopped for a period.

At least it should have been warm on the train with the steam heating.

Next weekend is a bank holiday, and notoriously famous for being cold. We shall see…..