Another Bank Holiday

Now when you think of a bank holiday weekend you think of cold winds and driving rain. In other words dismal conditions.

Well the bank holiday we have just had bucked the expected trend and gave us three days of wall to wall sunshine.

On the Saturday & Monday we ran scheduled services up the Fletton Branch and on Sunday we had a Paddington Bear day at Wansford.

Considering when the weekend was originally planned we were going to have Tornado & Mayflower hauling services, and we actually had neither and instead ran 92 Squadron & the Swedish railcar, plus for one trip on Monday a class 14 diesel we had a really busy holiday weekend.

Here are a few pictures of the services showing the locomotives that ran over the three days, please don’t go into too much of a shock with the clear blue skies, they are not normal!!

Rosemary got two days working on the garden as well, so that was a bonus for her. The shop was busy and we sold tickets.

A few hiccups over the weekend, but nothing that’s not solvable by better communication across the railway. But we ¬†only learn from mistakes and problems we don’t learn from a smooth successful hassle free weekend.

This coming weekend is a Steam Punk Weekend, you watch it rain!!!