See I told you so!!

See I told you so!!  I said last posting it would rain on the steam punk weekend, and I was correct when it tipped it down on Saturday afternoon and evening.

Overall the weekend itself was very pleasant, some nice visitors in and the train was busy.

No real highlights that stand out except for a certain member of the civils who popped in for a natter on Sunday and when he left he got as far as the gate off the platform before he remembered he had got his bike with him, he looked slightly sheepish as he returned for it. But don’t worry Trevor your secret embarrassing moment is safe with us we won’t let on who it was Honest!

We are now heading towards the middle part of the year and the busiest period for the railway, so let’s hope we have no rain on running days, no failures amongst the locomotives, but perhaps that’s hoping for just a little too much.