Daily Archives: 23rd August 2018

If you go down to the Mere today, (Yesterday actually) You’re sure of a big surprise.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the first day of a two day teddy bears picnic event.

I can’t remember when we last run a major event midweek, and certainly not during the school summer holidays. So I will admit I was interested more than normal as to how it would go.

Actually I really enjoyed the day, the train was well over 50% full on the first run of the day, and it was nice to see so many families travelling.

The weather was in our favour, with nice sunshine, as can be seen from this picture of the train heading back towards Wansford.

Station wise we had some nice visitors, except perhaps for one family who seemed unable to control their children who were, to put it mildly loud and badly behaved with no control shown by either parent.

Thankfully the train was about on time so peace soon descended on the station.

I look forward to more midweek events during other holiday periods.