Monthly Archives: September 2018

A bit of a dummy run.

Last weekend we marked the 10th anniversary of the locomotive “Tornado.”

Not as busy as I would have hoped but never the less we had some nice visitors.

Next weekend we see Flying Scotsman hauling services for three days. All tickets sold out long ago.

I am looking forward to the three days.

Anyway, here to get you in the mood is Tornado arriving at Orton Mere during one of the rare spots of sunshine we had.

As always click on the image for a larger version.

The calm before the storm.

Here we are on a Sunday lunchtime at the station.

It’s a quiet weekend before the next two weekends which will no doubt be busy.

Next weekend sees Tornado running hauling it’s first passengers for around six months. Hopefully we will be busy but time will tell, the locomotive has visited us many times in the past and has spent the last six months of so at Wansford under repairs.

The following weekend sees the visit of Flying Scotsman, it’s all sold out and will no doubt be exceptionally busy. We will need  plenty of cake and coffee for the three days it is running.

Now back to the excitement of running the station.

Look out for a mid week blog post.


Going with the flow.

Sometimes you have weekends when things just flow, and last weekend was one of those.

We had all the ingredients:-

Decent weather.
Two good steam locos.
and more services than normal.

Our guest locomotive was Union of South Africa.

Here it is at the platform.

All in all an excellent weekend with a good flow of customers.

Hopefully a few more of these before the end of the season and I will be a happy chappie.