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It was bound to be an anticlimax.

Last weekend saw our Autumn Gala, three days of diesels coughing and spluttering up and down the line.

It think everybody knew that after the Flying Scotsman event it was bound to be a bit of an anti climax. The weather certainly did not help especially with all the rain on the Sunday.

But having said that the wet dismal Sunday turned out to be my busiest day of the three, so you never know.

Not really much to say about the event really, it was quiet due to many reasons, but we had time to chat to people, and that made for a pleasant three days.

Here are a few pictures, all taken at Orton Mere of the weekend.

Back to normal for a weekend

Last weekend was back to normal as regards services.

As expected it was quiet, not helped by rain on the Saturday.

Here is Sue my wife ready to collect a stock delivery off first service.

We are always prepared at the station, shame it’s not always for what actually happens.

This coming weekend sees a three day diesel gala, I have a book open amongst the station staff as to when we get asked if steam is running. My bet is just before first service on the Friday.

Now where did I put the nerve tonic?

A three day weekend.

Last Saturday, Sunday and Monday saw Flying Scotsman hauling services on the railway.

Here is a picture of it passing through the station on its way back to Wansford.

All services were pre-booked and sold out weeks ago.

It was a most enjoyable weekend with some really nice visitors on all the days and some amusing moments as well.

The most amusing was a chap who had come to photograph the Peak diesel which was hauling a shuttle service for those who could not drive to Wansford.
Anyway, he had no interest in Flying Scotsman, and quite seriously asked me to confirm that the the steam engine would not get in the way of his view off the Peak. He was pleased when I said he would not have an obscured view.

Here is the diesel locomotive in question.

He departed a happy visitor.

It was nice to see visitors spending money, we had an excellent three days in the shop, and if we never see another cup of coffee it won’t be a problem.

Lots of planning went into the event by a hand picked team who could not run fast enough to avoid being selected, and they worked over several months. We had a fair number of comments about how well it was organised, especially from visitors to the station who had been to Wansford to travel on the Flying Scotsman. There were a few moans but they were minor and you will always get some.

A number of people who took information leaflets about becoming a member of the railway. Hopefully they will join either as just members or perhaps working members.

Before the event I had given great thought to station access over the three days, and eventually I decided to to leave full access to both platforms, and that proved to to be a good decision. Most of the non-payers gravitated to platform 2 and as the steam loco went through platform 2 they did not get the best pictures. Those on platform 1 who spent money were advised as to the best locations for pictures, and they all seemed to appreciate it.

I must make mention of all those who helped over the three days, two of them for the first time at the station. Their help was invaluable and much appreciated. I hope they enjoyed the experience. But special mention must be given to Rosemary who normally looks after the garden, she won’t mind me mentioning that not only is the 88 years old but she come up from St Neots each day to help. She was up and down the platform talking to visitors like a terrier on speed. Her commitment over the three days put the rest of us to shame.

So there you have it, the best event I can remember in almost fifteen years on the railway. We will have to get something exceptional to top it.