Monthly Archives: January 2019

Cough Cough Sniff Sniff

Well here we are on the road to recovery after my dose of the lurgi, and I will freely admit I have not enjoyed the experience, not one little bit.

My thanks though to those on and off the railway who have sent me text and email messages asking after my health. It is appreciated.

All being well we will be open again on the 16th February, I have no intention of rushing things, one thing I realise as I get older is that I can’t rush things like I did when I was younger, gone are the days of walking up the platform in shirt sleeves with a cold wind blowing. I must have been mad!!!

Looking at the events planned and confirmed for the coming year we have some super weekends ahead, last year had it’s ups and downs with hopefully this year having less troughs and more peaks.

So there you have it, Arkwright is not so horizontal but also still not firing on four cylinders. But looking on the bright side I appear to have lost some weight due my total loss of appetite, so some good can come from the bad.

One thing that has increased is my reading, I have been getting through six books a week, in-between the times spent in bed asleep.

So we will see your wallets soon.

What’s all this then?

Those of you going on the train today and up and down the line cannot have failed to notice that Orton Mere station was closed.

I am down with the lurgi, and have been since Wednesday. Spending more time in bed than up and about. I don’t know what I have but I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

Permanently exhausted does not adequately describe how I feel.

Showing no sign of getting better I would be surprised if I open up next weekend either. January is never a busy month at the station so we are not loosing money, some weekends it can cost me more to get to the station than we take in the shop.

Plus as those who have visited the station in the depths of winter it is not exactly warm down there next to the river, so I will be making sure I am 100% fit before I open open up again.

That’s about it really, no doubt I caught what ~I have from somebody at the station last weekend, I am considering a sheep dip at the entrance to the station building so it does not happen again.

More updates as and when….