Monthly Archives: March 2019

A funny couple of weeks.

It’s been a funny couple of weeks at the station, the cool weather has not helped neither has stocking up on ice cream. Let me explain, each year at the start of March I order in the first ice cream of the year and for the next couple of weeks we have poor weather at the weekends. This happens every year regular as clockwork, even if I adjust which week I put the order in.

Then we get people wandering in saying it’s too cold for ice cream, and I point out that ice cream is always the same temperature irrespective of the time of year. A comment that zooms over the heads of most people.

Last weekend I had the first request for the date Santa tickets will go on sale, and they were genuinely surprised when I said I did not know.

I have now had four people ask if Flying Scotsman when it visits in September will pass through the station when it travels with passengers the length of the line. If it doesn’t then how do they think it will get from one end to the other, perhaps it will tip toe past using the path behind the station.

We get the odd customer stand behind somebody buying tickets and then ask when it’s their turn, if we sell tickets. You can see why I said odd customer! It’s the same with people who see others buying tea and coffee and then ask if we sell tea and coffee. Some seem to have the attention span of a fossil, and looking at them they are about the same age.

On Sunday a woman came into the station asking for directions to Wansford as they wanted to go to the open weekend. I pointed out they could catch a train if they waited about 5 minutes. I was informed that none of them, “whoever them were” liked trains they were just looking for a cheap/free day out somewhere. I was tempted to send them to NYMR!!!

The comment of the two weeks  award must go to a chap who came on the platform as the train was pulling out and asked if we were Nene Valley Railway, when I said we were he thanked me and walked off never to be seen again.

Ah well it’s not that far into the season, and I am already telling myself that it can only get better loony wise. Though I don’t sound convincing even to myself!

I do wish people would sometimes!!

Steam from the South.

Last weekend saw the railways Southern Steam Weekend, and it’s best described as cold but enjoyable.

Guest locomotive Repton shared hauling services with 92 Squadron.

Here is Repton on the Saturday third service to Wansford.

Although the weather was dull I was pleased to get a decent picture under the circumstances.

Paddy assisted Sue and I on Saturday fresh from his holiday in Cornwall, casually mentioning a few times his highlight of the week which had been a trip round a brewery, it was noted that no samples were bought back. Tom was with us on Sunday and keen as always.

Rosemary was in the garden as usual on Saturday doing maintenance and chatting to a few people.

Business was steady and decent and it was. ice to see some of my regulars make their first visit of the year to the station, shame a couple had got out of the habit of spending money, but panic not we will soon get them retrained in the are of parting with cash.

On Saturday the unthinkable happened n as much as the train ran pithing a minute of time all day, we were in a state of shock.

The weather reminded us how darn cold the station can be in winter especially on Sunday, but hopefully it will get better as the weeks pass.

This coming weekend sees the last weekend of the Blue winter timetable and after that we revert to the normal Green timetable for non-special event weekends.