Saving the best until last.

Well today bank holiday Monday was dull, cold and dismal but people came out and spent money.

Best day for ticket sales and also for the shop as well. So all in all a good end to the Easter holiday.

Trains almost ran to time, or to put it another way it was the earliest they had been late all weekend.

Paddy was with me today and despite the start of a bit of a clod he was his normal cheery self. Nice passengers as well which made the day really enjoyable, but gawd it was a bit on the cool side.

Not open now again until Thursday although the trains are running Tuesday and Wednesday. Lot’s of things to catch up on so that must take priority.

Gem of the day… Regular was chatting about the closing of the toilets. “You know” he said “They say you can’t take it with you, well with the toilets closed if you drink anything here you will have to take it with you!!!”