Sun wind and ice cream

Well a super sunny day today but a cold wind blowing down the river…

I just knew it was going to be one of those days when as I was opening the door to get in at 8.30am this morning some chap asked me where he could get a passport picture done!! When I pointed him in the direction of the city centre he asked if there was anywhere nearer.

The on one of the nicest days of the year when we have been running Paddy arrived on 4 wheels instead of two, his excuse was that he was going to check the dog at lunch time and also fetch us fish and chips. So he was excused.

Before anybody asks the fish & chips were excellent!!!

Trains ran fairly well to time and we took a few pounds in tickets and had a decent day in the shop, the latter all happening after I had cashed up, as is often the case.

Delivery arrived just before I went into panic mode, and when Paddy picked up a box of 1000 poly cups the bottom fell out and they had to be repacked, it could only happen to him!!

Nice bunch of customers as well with a few visitors to the area walking about and enjoying the sunshine.

Next day open will be Saturday, although there are services tomorrow.

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  1. Thomas Noakes

    Sounds like you had a good day Robert. Nice to have some good weather! I was going to come in and see you, but never got up to Orton Mere in the end! Lucky you! I hear you have Nathan with you on sunday, Even Better…


  2. Old Arkwright

    Yes have Nathan with me on Sunday, poor chap wont know what’s hit him!!!!!

    Yes overall not a bad day at all, trains were almost on time as well which was an unexpected bonus.

  3. Thomas Noakes

    lol, I might have to come and see you on sunday, see how hes getting on 🙂
    On time? You sure?