Spring has sprung

Well after that super original title things can only get better.

Spring appeared with vengeance today with wall to wall sunshine for a large part of it.

Ice cream was the choice of the day, with Magnums going at a good rate of knots.

Highlight of the day was the key saga. The civils were down today and after their stuff had been dumped where they were working the train was then going to be stabled on my platform 2 and the locomotive go back to Wansford. Well it sat the other side of the crossing and I thought nothing of it until staff arrived from Wansford, they had no key apparently to get into the box as there are two locks and just had a key for the one. The missing key was dispatched by road from Wansford. Then I sauntered down to the box to see what was the problem, I had great pleasure in informing the great and the good assembled that if they had just asked me then I could have opened the door no problem as I have both keys!!

You had to be there to appreciate the event but it made me chuckle when I thought of it for most of the day.

The words lack of communication came to mind.

Tomorrow we have a new victim, whoops make that volunteer, young Nathan I am sure he will be fine, he is neat, smart and tidy which is 90% of the battle, watch this space tomorrow for an update….