Well that was unremarkable

Not an exactly an exciting day today, quiet as it was not the weather to walk by the river with heavy showers forecast through the day, which I have to say have yet to arrive!

What is it about old railway magazines that makes people think we want them? Speaking for my station I can’t shift them at all. In simple terms THERE IS NO INTEREST, and bringing in a couple of carrier bags with the remark “I have some rubbish for you” does not get you off to a good start either. Neither does the comment “people want them”, if they did then why are you giving them us?

I bet you could like a decent sized bonfire with the magazines that nobody wanted that are spread across the railway. In the days of the internet being used for spreading information few people want old often damp dusty smelling magazines. Stick them in the green recycle bin or burn them, but don’t expect to dump them with me as I will not take them.

Right I feel better with that off my chest, not exactly over run with passengers or cafe customers today, but there are two more days left so great things may happen who knows?

Paddy with me today and he bought with him the knack of getting lumbered with the people who want to spend an hour or so wittering on about all things railway, which was good as he kept them away from me!

Highlights of the day:-

Do you sell ice creams? from a woman as she was looking in the ice cream freezer.
Does this timetable have the train times in?
Black coffee please, then the chap put milk and sugar in it!

So there you have it a quiet unremarkable Saturday, roll on Sunday!!!