Winter in spring (So Nathan reckons)!!!!!

Well it was a tad on cool side today, Nathan reckoned it was cold!! You wait until he has done a weekend in winter then he will know it’s cold.

Cold wind today kept the locals away from their normal cups of coffee and ice cream etc.

But it blew in the passengers and we had an excellent day ticket wise. Despite late running to start but time was made up in the end I am pleased to say so all was well that ended well.

Got to the station just after 9am and Nathan was already there waiting for me, I was amazed, rare anybody beats me to the station in the morning.

No outstanding things passenger wise but we just had some really nice people in and it made the day a pleasure.

Shame the tickets I ordered came via another station where they were sent by mistake, but you can’t win them all.

Had the carriage boards arrive today from the Pines Express, we are going to mount them on the wall and do a display of pictures of the event, Picture will be posted when it’s all done.

Sue my wife is with me tomorrow helping so will have to be on my best behaviour!!

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  1. Annie (Lady M) x

    Nathan sounds like a little gem….. lucky you!