The Torch dry run, minus the torch!!

Well the dry run has been and gone, and it was a funny old event.

The weather did not look promising as you can see from this morning shot.


It was all hands to the pumps to get the place tidy, even the park made an effort, here is a shot of the vehicles belonging to a crack team of park staff.


Thankfully by mid afternoon the weather had improved as you can see from this shot looking westwards.


A couple of hours before the main event a diesel arrived with some Police aboard just to check everything along the track was in order and that the odd length of track had not been stolen for scrap!!


The first of the reporting teams arrived with the van from ITV news, went over and had a nose inside.


Once this was in place the reporters turned up and went through a dry run. Here is the ITV reporter.

CIMG1106      CIMG1110

The reporter from Radio Cambridgeshire, young Jane had great fun as you can see working things out..

CIMG1108     CIMG1116

Then we had the convoy arrive to pick up the torch, I have never seen the car park so full since we had it full of travellers some years ago.

CIMG1111     CIMG1112


By this time a few members of the public had arrived, and I am pleased to report a few spent money as well. Here they can be seen in a daze.


One chap proudly told me he had been on the Internet that morning, I  quickly congratulated him on his technical ability and he seemed pleased.

The a minute or so early “City of Peterborough” arrived. Now I would love to show you a picture of it in full steam but as the picture failed I can’t so you will have to imagine it.

Down the platform came the torch and escort, there was a hush amongst the expectant crowd, here was history in the making.

CIMG1120   CIMG1121

Now the sharp eyed amongst you will notice one important fact…. There was no torch, they were carrying a miners lamp!! I am reliably informed that this was deliberate and that on the actual day the torch will be present and that it was untrue that due to cutbacks the Olympic Torch had been replaced by a miners lamp.

Joking aside the lamp will be used because the torch will be in a carriage and naked flames are not allowed but the miners safety lamp is hence the use of the lamp whilst on the railway.

Then safely out of the station they joined the convoy and they were off towards the city centre.

CIMG1122     CIMG1123

The moment of excitement was over, Nathan and I had been interviewed by Radio Cambridgeshire. Some money had been taken in the station and the torch oops sorry lamp was on it’s way to the City Centre.

Nathan and I had a ten minute break to recover then started for home, safe in the knowledge that we had coped with all the excitement and had no drama.

Never let it be said that we don’t experience excitement. How will we cope with the real thing on 3rd July, the tension is building already.

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  1. monicastangledweb

    Great pix! Thanks for sharing. How exciting to be in the throes of such an important event–the Olympics!