Just a typical Bank Holiday Monday

Well today was just a typical bank holiday Monday.

We had heavy rain showers, low temperatures and a cold wind.

Here is a picture of the sky to the west just before one really heavy shower that arrived and went again just as quickly.

Orton Mere Just the weather to bring in the customers!!

Locomotives today were the J94 steam locomotive and a class 14 diesel. As always with a mixed traction service the class14 runs were quieter passenger numbers wise. Though amazingly today we kept almost to time on every service.

Here is the J94 arriving with the first service of the day from Wansford. It is a really nice looking locomotive.

J94Quiet in the shop again as the weather kept almost all my locals at home and they provide most of my shop business.

The two, for want of a better word, highlights of the day happened towards the end.

First we had a dog vomit on the platform, shame the owners did a runner without telling me, all they needed to do was mention it, but no they left it for me to discover! Two buckets of water with disinfectant later and it was history.  At least the dog did it, unless the humans ate grass of course so it can’t have been anything in the tea or coffee.

Just before second to last service to Wansford I spotted two people, one young and one a bit older trackside just passed the foot crossing, so I went to investigate. When challenged the older person who I presumed was the grandfather proudly announced they were members and that the lad liked to get good pictures! (As though they though I was going to say, well that’s OK then sorry to disturb you)but that no they did not have track passes. So I asked them to make their way back to the crossing and the other side of the fence. You would think that as members they would know better especially as they had one high-viz between them and that was around the legs of the tripod!!!
Upon speaking to the fireman of the loco I found they had done the same thing earlier at the Yacht Club crossing as well.

With some younger members we seem to have a belief that they can do anything and go anywhere and do anything irrespective of either their age or ability just because they are members!! In some cases this I blame on what they have been told by other members.

So there you have it 3 posts covering a typical miserable cold bank holiday, roll on next weekend!!

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  1. Annie (Lady M) x

    On the track? taking pictures? That is madness.. do they jump out of the way when the train approaches?

  2. Thomas Noakes

    Tresspassers, so annoying!! Was pretty quiet down at Wansford as well, but was busier than Sunday. We were on the IRPS display stand in the Barnwell building. Was busy enough when trains were in, but as soon as they left, it was dead.

    Can you have Nathan back please? He was station announcer at Wansford, and as always, up to his usual moaning. Me and Phil were getting desperate!