Last day of the year

Well today is the last day of 2009 and I single manned Orton Mere.

Gawd it was cold, and not exactly lively, we had two passengers who paid on the train and four lookers and that was it.

Thankfully lots of sorting to be done so no time to be bored. Even then I closed after the second service. We are not opening the station building on New Years day, if it’s as in previous new years days then it will be quiet at the station.

Looking at the few people passing I am tempted to ask those with dogs why they regard a bag of dog crap as a trophy, they walk along swing them in the air as though they are about to hurl them for their dogs to catch. Most strange!!

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  1. Peter Clayton

    Good to see it will be a steam service for January,a bit more inviting than the DMU on a cold and frosty day and it will be something for the looker’s !!!