Not one of the better days

Now I must admit I did debate whether or not to do a blog posting for today as it can be described as a non-event day, but what the hell here goes…..

Had Stephen with me today and he is still learning the ropes as regards working at the station, but he did very well despite it being a quiet day.

Harry came along as sorted the garden and allotment and it’s looking really nice, he does put in some hard work and his efforts are regularly commented on by visitors, shame the rabbits like what he does as well!!!

No real outstanding customers today though we did have a chap who decided not to have a cup of tea as we had no toilet, Stephen and I decided that personally we preferred to use a mug or cup rather than a toilet for coffee, but perhaps he wanted a giant sized drink!!

The train ran on time all services which is something that really deserves a round of applause, and a couple of times it arrived slightly early although of course it left right time.

It was nice to see a sprinkling of regulars braving the cold and popping in, always nice to see them, we have two senior citizen ladies who pop in most weeks and have an ice cream and it was especially nice to see them today as they are part of a small select bunch of regulars who, if they don’t visit you do wonder if they are OK. We have some verbal banter with them but you could not meet two nicer people.

Well that’s it the end of an unremarkable weekend, let’s hope next weekend is better, although before that we have the excitement of a Wednesday service running on the new brown timetable, I am all a quiver with excitement!!

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  1. Annie (Lady M) x

    Ahh, there is nothing nicer than a nice, easy weekend… I wish!