Muffins on the move

Funny old day when the only thing of note are mobile muffins.

It all started when I sent a carrier bag of muffins to PNV, shame they ended up with a carrier bag containing the guards lunch!! Finally after another round trip they arrived at PNV and the guard was reunited with his lunch.

Other than that a none descript day really, still a cool wind and out of the sunshine cold, as Orton Mere faces away from the sun it is not the warmest place on earth. Still summer is round the corner and at least then the rain will be warmer.

We will see what Sunday brings in the way of excitement but I am not holding my breath. But on the positive side I have Jason with me tomorrow, I have not worked with him before so looking forward to that as he seems a keen chap, watch this space as they say

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  1. Annie (Lady M) x

    Why were you sending muffins to random people?!

  2. Steve S

    Sometimes even muffins enjoy a day out…