Better late than never

Well the forecast today was rain, but I am pleased they got it wrong. Dull start but it turned into a really nice afternoon and we had customers!!

Nice to take a bit of money in the shop for a change compared to recently.

Had Jason with me today and he was fine, but blimey he does like talking about trains!! But he will be a good member of staff at the station and most importantly he enjoyed himself and want to put himself down for more dates. Lot’s of people often forget the enjoyment aspect of volunteering, but in my opinion it’s very important.

City of Peterborough ran today and here is a picture of it coming from city centre on it’s first run of the day.


As it was a mixed traction day the other locomotive was the class 40 diesel.

Few days rest now and not open on Wednesday but raring to go next weekend when we have the Thomas big adventure on Sunday.

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  1. Peter Clayton

    Hi Robert
    Notice from your picture,that City of Peterborough was running with a headboard,expect it was something to do with the TPO operating today.
    Can you or one of the TPO group give more info?

  2. Thomas Noakes

    Peter, the headboard was to celebrate the anniversary of the formation of the GWR, although that headboard is a bit out of date, its the 175th anniversary this year, not the 150th!

    Glad you had a good day, and glad you didnt kill Jason. Cant wait to get back to Wansford and do some work on the sleeping coach, havent been for 2 weeks now, 2 whole weeks!