On my own, by myself, well almost

What a super day, the sun shone, Thomas ran and all was well with the world.

Single manned today but Harry was there doing the garden and kept an eye on the station whilst I sorted the trains.

To say I am shattered is an understatement!

People turned out to see Thomas come through and actually came in and spent money I am pleased to say.

Here are a couple of pictures of Thomas, one tender first on it’s way to Peterborough and one chimney first as he returned to Wansford.

100_0656  100_0657

Nice to see lots of happy passengers on the train. The staff at PNVR did exceptionally well and worked hard, even selling ice cream from the platform.

Now a couple of days away from the railway and out to play trains again on Wednesday.

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  1. Thomas Noakes

    glad you had a good day, i was busy working so didnt get a picture of the thomas train at Wansford, tell you what, wasnt half hot down there! Cafe sold out of water, and i think most of that was me and Todd…