Heading in the right direction.

Well today was better than yesterday, come to think of it anything would be better than yesterday.

Today we had sunshine and a cold wind, but we had something even more important we had passengers.

We also had a puzzle, and the puzzle was this…. When the station is shut but people come through the gate to rest on the platform seating do they leave the gate open? But when we are open why do they insist on keep shutting the gate? Answers on a postcard please….

Jason with me today for the second time and he enjoyed himself with the steady stream of entertainment, whoops make that passengers that came through the door. He has even cracked using the till which is a bonus.

We had a Russian couple who were visiting from Latvia and thankfully the lady’s English was better than my Russian and we managed to get them on the train and also a trip behind Thomas, which was very pleasing. The spoke to Jason when they returned and they had enjoyed themselves which of course is the whole object of it all.

Ticket sales were for a change excellent but the shop could have been better, still we can work on that.

Highlights of the day…

The services were all within a couple of minutes of time which was good.

A few of the regulars ventured out and spent a bit of money.

Tomorrow is Bank Holiday Monday and I have Paddy with me which will add to the day so hopefully the weather will be with us as well.

Time as they say will tell………

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  1. Annie (Lady M) x

    Hi Robert,
    I reckon that they keep closing the gate because it is drummed into all country-dwellers… always close the gate.

    Maybe you could put a sign up or padlock the gate open with a chain, so they can’t shut it?