Looking after the fans!!

The main computer here in the office is on 24/7 and gets a bit dusty inside.

So every 3 months it’s a case of powering down and cleaning the fans heat sinks and the CPU heat sink.

Had the pleasure of that task this morning, there was enough dust in the tower to grow spuds! But after a blast with compressed air (You should never use a vacuum cleaner) all is clean again and the tower is back to it’s quiet self. No doubt the CPU is happier as well without all the dust blocking the fins of the heat sink.

Also cleaned the keyboard as well by the simple method of turning it over and banging lightly against the desk, amazing the bits that fell out, it is claimed that there are more germs on the average keyboard than on a toilet seat.

Ah well back to work and look forward to playing trains tomorrow.

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  1. Annie (Lady M) x

    I didn’t know that – why can’t you use vacuum cleaners to get rid of the dust? (you are a mine of information!)