Cold calling at the door

One of the perils of working from home are the interruptions from people knocking the door. It amazes me how many people seem to be just walking round the area plying their wares and trying to convince you that what they have to offer will change your life beyond all expectations when in reality all that will happen is that you will be poorer at the end of the month money wise.

Lets have a look at some of the callers who seem to knock my door on a regular basis.

I am pleased to say that the bible bashers thankfully miss me out these days, due no doubt to the fact that I am so abusive to them. Despite the fact I am an atheist I have no problem with whatever religion and beliefs people may have. What I do have a problem with is the fact they seem to want to convert me. I don’t try and convert them to atheism so I object to the trying to convert me to their beliefs, it’s as simple as that.

I will lump these together, at least once a week I get them knocking the door, not to deliver me something but to ask me to take a parcel in for a neighbour. This leads me to wonder why some of my neighbours insist on having stuff that needs to be signed for knowing full well nobody will be at home, I can’t get my head round that. Generally the are a pleasant bunch and normally always cheerful. I am happy to take stuff for my immediate neighbours as they would do the same for me, but some other neighbours I would not throw a bucket of water over to put them out if they were on fire!!

I am pleased to say that these vultures have not knocked my door for some time. There was a period when we would have them knock several times a day and they would return in the evening for another go at those who did not answer the first time. They were a thick skinned bunch who did not have the ability to take no for an answer, and the only way to get rid of them was to resort to insulting them. I fondly remember one who had opened my bin cupboard and filled in some paperwork, then he asked me to sign it to show they had checked my meter. I started to read it but he told me I did not need to as it was a standard form. In that respect he was right it was a standard form to change suppliers to the one he represented. He genuinely seemed offended when I ripped it up into small bits and put it the rubbish bin. Another gem was a chap who clamed their gas was hotter than the gas supplied by my current supplier.

These are on the increase and at least a couple of times a week they knock my door looking for scrap metal, with the prices as they are at the moment this is not really surprising. They beat a hasty retreat when I ask to see their recycling permits, which they have to give me a copy of if I request them to do so if I give them metal to be recycled. generally they are a shifty bunch and the type you would cross the road to avoid normally. They normally have an open backed vehicle with them full of associated junk.

I will group companies such as Virgin and Talk Talk  into this group.
Virgin are the most persistent and it’s amusing to listen to them mentally running through their script. They offer the world if you will sign over your soul to them, take them off script and they flounder to answer. Talk Talk have self employed leaches who will lie through their back teeth to try and get you signed up and get themselves commission. I am happy with BT who supply my telecom needs and have no inclination to change.

To me these are by far the most annoying. They invariably call when I am eating my evening meal and they bob about like chipmunks on speed. They work in groups and wear a bright reflective bib for the charity they are representing, their aim is to get you to sign a monthly direct debit pledging to give money to the charity that as long as they are working for them is so dear to their hearts. Yet again insults seem to get rid of them as they are on commission only. They knock the door and wave an identity card just outside your vision range when you answer. The question guaranteed to floor them is “How much of what I donate actually goes to the charity?” Last time I saw figures published the answer I seem to remember was about twenty pence of every pound actually ends up with the people who need it, the rest is spent in wages and running costs of the charity. Now this figure could have changed but I expect not. One dizzy looking blonde one told me all of the money goes to the people who need it, she seemed confused when I asked her that if that was the case how did she get paid?

So there we are a selection of the people who knock my door and stop me working. Who knocks your door that you find annoying? I would love to know.