It was a tad warm today

Today could best be described as hot!! It peaked at 31.9c, and was mostly very humid hot and sticky with just the occasional breeze to help us cool down

I walked down to the station early as it was cool, shame it was humid as well, by the time I got to the station I was past my peak and had a gloss finish.

Did well on water and ice cream so likely to sell out of both tomorrow, mind you that’s not a bad thing of course.

Nice set of customers today and none really of note to be honest.

In other words they came they said it was hot and they spent money, we can ask for no more!!!

Cris was with me today and he is a great one for chatting to the customers and visitors, he seems to enjoy himself!!

Sue with me tomorrow and it looks like another hot day, at least she wont require the fan heaters on I HOPE!!!!!