Are they really like that?

Regular readers of my blog will notice that not many people comment, that’s true for some strange reason they prefer to contact me with comments by email. I must admit I would prefer comments on the blog itself rather than via email.

One recent email asked the question “Are all your visitors like you describe, you know irritating?

Well the answer to that question is that the vast majority of visitors are enjoyable to talk to and generally really nice people. Shop wise we have a steady flow of regulars who come in for a natter, a coffee and occasionally they will travel. But normally they just want a chat and refreshments whilst out and about. we look forward to them coming in and wonder where they are when they don’t.

That being said we do have others that range from slightly irritating to a pain in the rear. But having said that they spend money, provide amusement and are welcome. Then we have the what I call specials, to quote our American friends they are “As dumb as rocks” choosing between coffee and tea is a major task and if we have more than two varieties of crisps they will have none because they can’t make their minds up. You know the type where a Mars bar makes them feel at home as they are not of this planet. I remember one gem from a few years ago a woman who was confused by the simple fact we had white or brown sugar and sweeteners, seeing her dilemma I walked over and removed all but the white sugar, she smiled, said thanks and helped herself to white. When she had finished I just put the other two choices back and all was well with the world.

But they all make the days go by and provide endless days of amusement. I always take people at face value and if they are a real pain then I just think that we are going to shortly be rid of them and in most cases some poor soul is looking forward to them getting home. As somebody once said to me, if we did not get the irritating ones we could not appreciate the good ones.

Take yesterday, we were not open but I was there doing the glamorous jobs prior to opening next Sunday, wielding a wet mop is good for the soul so I am told. Anyway I was out on the platform admiring the dismal view towards the signal box when a woman with a dog stopped and asked this gem “Excuse me is this the railway?”  Now never being one to let the chance pass I replied “ Well it’s not the canoe club that’s for sure!” She looked at me and redeemed herself by saying “That was a really stupid question I asked wasn’t it” We agreed on that statement and she went on her way, after the dog left a liquid deposit up my gate.

So there you have it customer wise we have more variety than you get at sweet pic ‘n mix counter.

Next Sunday we start harvesting the new 2013 crop, I am looking forward to it.