The Autumn Diesel Gala.

This weekend saw the railways Autumn Diesel Gala. It ran for three days Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Now it is I think fair to say that it will not go down as our busiest or best diesel gala. This was for a number of reasons, not least of which we did not really have any crowd pulling locomotives. The brief visit by the 66, which I gather has been in service less than a month in service on the main line caused a slight delay when it had problems. But it was popular with the visitors, some commented that it was a pity it only did one run. We also had I gather a couple of other diesel galas around the country, this will not have helped. Certainly I noticed the absence of some of my regular visitors who turn up every year without fail, they were not visiting this year.

However, it was most enjoyable, and my thanks go to all the people who helped me at the station this weekend your help was much appreciated.

One of the things I occasionally mention is poor communication, I am pleased to report this was not the case this event, we got timetables and we got information especially with the last minute changes made late Saturday afternoon to the state of play for the Sunday. It made a big difference.

We ran trips up the Fletton Branch on all three days. On Friday we ran a single trip up with the Mk1 coaches, On Saturday we ran the Swedish Rail Car & on Sunday it was break van rides behind a class 14 locomotive.

The busiest day was Saturday and the trips in the Swedish rail car were quite popular, not least I think because children could travel, no under 16’s in the brake van.  Nathan had great fun playing TTI on the Swedish Rail Car, and issued tickets to last minute arrivals, lots of people travelled on impulse.

Quote of the gala must go to the person who asked me…”Do you have any steam trains running in the diesel gala?” Now this bit is being added after Jason left a comment about some railways running steam on diesel gala days, this would in my mind at least make them mixed traction gala’s and not diesel or steam ones.

We were asked more times than I care to remember about a toilet, and as always the vast majority of people did not bother to say thank you when we directed them to where the nearest ones were located. I know I have mentioned this many times but the general standard of even the most basic of manners seems to be dropping at a rapid rate on knots.

So what about the locomotives that were operational? Well I don’t intend to rabbit on about them. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few pictures to save me typing several thousand words. They are in no special order and as you will see from them we had mixed dull and sunny weather.

100_1488 100_1486 100_1485 100_1483 100_1482 100_1481 100_1480 100_1479 100_1478 100_1477 100_1472 100_1470 100_1469

Several people have commented also on the new colour scheme for the station, the redecorating is really coming on well, and here is a picture showing how it’s coming along and what the colours are.


Personally I think it’s going to look rather nice.

So now we start the October wind down to our final public services of the year the first week of November. I will be glad of some weekends off I must admit.



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  1. Jason Isaac

    A lot of railways actually run a steam service during their diesel gala

  2. Jason Isaac

    And you didn’t mention me saving the nvr 30 minutes of delay of being a taxi