The Devils Bible……..

Well today we had a late entry for the pillock of the year award….

An unexpected late runner that came from nowhere and shot straight to the front.

Let me explain.

I was leaning on the counter using my iPad to play a game of solitaire.
In walks this woman looking for a toilet.
She sees me playing the game and points to the display.
“Playing cards are the devils bible.” She say loudly.
“You will go and burn in hell.” She says even more loudly.

Then she storms out leaving her husband standing there, he looks at me, sighs and says “It’s going to be a long day.”

So there you have it, I think an unbeatable late entry.

Other than that it was a quiet weekend, not bad for tickets but as always it could have been better. Next week sees the last weekend of public services until after Christmas.  In the next few weeks we will also see the laying of a new floor in the station, which will make a pleasant change from the laying of the local willing females on the station seating during the hours of darkness by unknown but apparently very willing males.

Oh the excitement…..