It was that green one again

Ring Haw ran again today, here is a picture taken by Jason of it arriving first service from Peterborough. Please note the sunshine up in the sky.

Ring Haw 004It appears to pull the coaches well, and judging from the amount of non-paying public about it’s popular with picture takers as well. It’s timing today was not that good, but to be honest nobody seemed to mind.

Mixture of staff with me today, I started off with Peter & Susan and ended up with Jason. It seems that when he put down his availability I put him down for the 8th of March rather than the 8th of February. Still never mind accidents happen to all of us and not just those people, especially females frequenting my platforms after dark!

Bit on the chilly side today as well, but a fair number of people wandering about especially after lunch, some seemed to be in a daze. Perhaps there was something in their Sunday lunch who knows?

We sold a few tickets but shop was quiet, so nothing really exciting. Though we had a few enquiring about services during half term, I was not sure if they wanted to give their little snowflakes a day out or they were looking for somewhere they could come on their own to escape their precious little monsters.

But at least the sunshine was there for most of the day so all is perhaps well with the world. You watch us have sleet in a couple of weeks when we have our special steam weekend. It’s normally the case. I will have to dig out the crystal ball to see if I can find the long term forecast.