A cake, a pie and persisting down.

This weekend was August bank holiday and in true tradition on Bank Holiday Monday it rained!!!

But despite the wet Monday it was an excellent weekend. Saturday as usual was the best of the three days, especially when David the ex-president of the railway turned up with a cake for the staff!! Now it’s fair to say that David’s better half produces a mean cake, all who had a sample marked it as excellent. Now I am not sure if she made it with the staff in mind, but it was a fruit cake!

Sunday there were no edible goodies I am sorry to say, but Monday made up for it when my wife supplied a home made apple pie. Nathan who was down from the land of flat hats and ferrets produced a tin of custard so it was apple pie and custard all round, again the vote was that it was excellent. There is no truth in the rumour that Robin the guard was dribbling when he heard of the apple pie, apparently he always has a shiny chin.

Amongst all this there were a few trains as well, and mainly they ran to time, which was good. Services were hauled by the N2 and by Tornado, both locomotives visiting the railway.

Here are a few pictures of mine, nothing special but any picture is better than no picture.

100_1768 100_1772 100_1774

Jason appeared on Sunday as always he was doing an impression of a terrier on speed. The following two pictures were taken by Jason at Longueville Junction.

Tornado 028 Tornado 030

Not one to be outdone Nathan took this last one of the Monday double header.


So we now come to the highlight of the weekend. One stands out above the rest and that happened on Saturday. We had a couple of the snivels Civils sitting on the bench eating their lunch, none of which I hasten to add was bought at the station, a note has been made of that fact in the favours book. One trotted in to scrounge a plastic spoon for his yoghourt, we were happy to oblige, the plastic spoon in question cost him 10p. Spoons like most things cost money, so no freebies… It was worth charging 10p just to see the look on his face, The poor soul looked like a confused basset hound. Anyway it’s all profit and helps fuel the Arkwright myth!!