Mixed traction and mixed signs nobody reads.

Last weekend saw Steam on Saturday and Diesel on Sunday.

This meant of course that on Saturday people asked if we were running diesel and on Sunday they asked if we were running steam.

I don’t know why sometimes I put the times and type of service on the running board outside, nobody reads it, and when they do they still come in and ask!!

It reminds me of the old saying that if you tell somebody there are 50 million stars they will believe you, but if you say there is wet paint on a door they will touch it to check you’re right.

The weekend was true to form in that Saturday at the station was decent money wise and Sunday was quiet. Still we shortly start to wind down for the end of the season soon and I start having Sunday lunch at a decent time for a few weeks.

Here for those who want to touch something to prove it was diesel on Sunday is a picture of the class 31 that hauled all services, it ran as near to time as makes no difference as well.