It was a strange weekend.

Last weekend was a strange weekend, the trains were quite busy at times but we at the station were about average.

The weather did not help, it was a bit on the cold side and often dull that will have keep the locals away.

Other than that it was a pleasant enough weekend and nice to have one that was not a bank holiday.

Highlights included a chap lamenting on Saturday that we were not running a main diesel service, quite disappointed he was. But you can’t please everybody!

A new face was with us on Sunday, I am not sure how old the rest of him is. Young Matt fancied a day at a station so he came and helped myself and Jason, he seemed to enjoy himself, though the glazed look may just have been shell shock, only time will tell. He has promised to do more days in the future at the station. I have at this stage no idea if they will be days we are open or days we are closed!

This coming weekend is yet another bank holiday and we have a Thomas event as well, so we cold have anything from a brilliant weekend to constant rain and howling winds and every combination in between.

Bank holidays are only predictable in the fact that they are unpredictable. Personally I think we have too many through the year, but perhaps I am just being a miserable old devil. No comments please Rosemary!!