If you go down to the woods this weekend.

Here we are on a wet Monday evening doing a blog post!!

This bank holiday weekend saw the Teddy Bears picnic running over all three days.

I must say it was most enjoyable. We had a steady flow of visitors to travel with their children clutching bears. They were without exception a happy bunch. The children were excited and happy which in turn of course made the parents or grandparents happy as well.

Plenty of passengers on most services to and from Wansford.

It just goes to show what a well planned, thought out and executed special event can achieve. We will know the final money figures soon, but I will bet that it did not make a loss. It generated good will and many of the first time visitors I spoke to said they will return. We can ask for no more. Even down to the child this afternoon holding onto the fence for dear life because he did not want to go home.

One thing that was noticeably missing this weekend were the locals, they are my weekly visitors who keep the shop ticking over during the quiet periods. It was nice enough on Saturday and Sunday for them to have had days out away from the city. Hopefully they will return soon.

Now we  have a few days before the 40th anniversary of the railway commences on Thursday. I am looking forward to next weekend it will be most enjoyable. Providing of course the weather gods shine down upon us.