Half way there

Well here we are half way through the year, the first six months have gone very quickly, or at least I think so.

Some of the events have been a great success, some have been average and some should have been abandoned.

But sometimes you have to do something to find out if it works, and has often been the case over the years the most unlikely events have been amongst some of the best.

And through it all we plod on and do our best, acknowledging the fact that sometimes the best is not good enough for some people. But that’s life.

I have been in customer service industries long enough to know that some people just want to enjoy themselves and normally do, whilst others seem hell bent on being miserable and moaning about everything.

We even had one visitor some months ago moan because the train was on time!!

Reviews are often looked on as a sacred place to find out what somewhere is like. I often look at two peoples comments about the same event at whatever location I am looking at and wonder if they were actually both there at the same event on the same day, because their reviews are so dynamically opposed to each other.

This weekend sees our rural railway service, or in layman terms a small engine pulling 4 coaches as opposed to a large engine pulling 6 or 7. The locomotive in question has not visited us before so that will add interest especially to the none paying public who will be out to take pictures.

I am looking forward to it, but as with any running weekend it will be certainly from my stations perspective all down to the weather. We shall see how it goes.