It was the wibbly wibbly bit.

Yesterday I actually opened on a Wednesday, and the day reminded me why I normally don’t.

The main reason was to taken a delivery of ice cream, the story of that delivery could be a blog post in itself, but I will come to it eventually in this post.

Sue was with me yesterday and Rosemary came to do a bit of garden maintenance as well. I was outnumbered by women!!

Anyway it was a hot day and very humid.

Main service was the little GWR tank engine we have visiting, I posted a picture of it in my last post, but for good measure here is another, this time with both buffers and a bit of smoke & steam.

Not a bad picture I think from my iPhone5s, I just grabbed the phone, switched it on and pointed at the last minute.

The train ran shall we say a bit late for all services and leave it at that.

Also running was a Tamper, which is with us Monday to Friday for four weeks. For those who don’t know what the hell a tamper is here are three images of it.

It finished the day early when it stopped working correctly. Rosemary, never one to miss out on a bit of information on what was wrong asked one of the crew. The answer was the wibbly wibbly bit had stopped working. Answers in pencil on the back of a fiver please as to what that means.

It kept Reg in the box busy and he worked through it as good as he always does. Age, wisdom and experience are a hard combination to beat.

Now to the saga of the ice cream…….

I was expecting a delivery as ordered and normally it would normally have arrived between 9 & 10am, so when it had not arrived by 3pm I thought it wise to check.

The result was that the company had said they had delivered it at 9am. Well after some phone calls I established that they order had been delivered to Wansford. They have such a lot from this company it was just checked and signed for then put on sale.

In the end that order stood and another duplicate order was sent to me within 30 minutes. I must say I was most impressed in how the company concerned which for those bothered is King Brothers of Orton Longueville dealt with and sorted the problem. No matter how many times you deal with a company it’s not until you have a problem that you see how good they are by how they deal with it. In this case I could not fault them, the lady concerned was really excellent.

So there you have it a day of adventure and a few customers chucked into the mix.


Lets see what Saturday brings….