Weekend amusement.

Well here we are on the Sunday evening after a Thomas weekend.

As usual we had the following questions.

When will Thomas be past?
Can we get on the train here?
Can I have a return please? Where to? Back here!!
Are you open? After standing a couple of minutes behind other visitors for their turn.
Can I get the train from here to Wansford, but I only want to pay for the Thomas bit. Before you ask no they had not pre-bought any other tickets.
Should I have got on that? After arriving at the station the same time as the train and just sitting on the bench staring at it?

In other words it was a typical weekend.

In all honesty I sometimes wonder how some of the people we encounter breathe unaided.

Gem of the weekend was when first service arrived on Saturday. The class 14 came into view apparently belching black smoke. Blimey I heard, that diesel has engine problems. Just before it went past with the steam loco behind it responsible for the black smoke. There was a chuckle from a few of the assembled platform warmers.

The Sunday gem was a chap poked his head round the door and uttered the immortal words. On the departure board it says 1410, is that the same time every day? I was so tempted to say that yes 1410 was the same time every day. Don’t ask me how I kept a straight face.

Strange people and strange questions aside it was a fairly normal weekend, steady but nothing exceptional. I did have one family come back on the train and the father moaned about the parking at Wansford, I could not see why as he had travelled from Orton Mere earlier and his car was in the car park. Plus he lived about 5 mins away.

Tomorrow sees the return of the tamper until Friday, lets hope it’s wibbly wibbly bit can keep working this week!