Just when you think you have seen it all.

Last Sunday I had Jason with me and we witnessed what must rate as the rudest customer we have had in over ten years of running the station.

Let me set the scene.

Stars of this experience were a middle aged man and a younger woman with a young child.

They got off the train together as it went into the city centre and came into the station.

Coffee was bought with a couple of other things. All fine so far.

Then the woman asked two questions. Did we have a rest room, and did we have wi-fi? When the answer to both questions was no she loudly asked the man why he had bought her to a shitty railway and a shitty station. Then she went into sulk mode whilst the man spoke quietly to the child. She messed about with her mobile phone, moaning the whole time.

This culminated in the child trying to do a runner out of the station building, the woman went to catch her and in the process knocked the coffee over.

To the staff there was not a sorry or anything, they just left it and went out to the platform to wait for the train. We were left with a table covered in coffee that was dripping onto the floor and a now empty poly cup. There was a half hearted sorry to believe it or not the person in charge of the probation service workers who just happened to walk through the door, and this was from the man, he looked at Jason and I, said nothing and left the station building.

It must be said that the man did look slightly embarrassed at first about the whole episode. But that does not excuse the lack of an apology to the staff. Jason grabbed a mop and sorted out the mess.

They sat out on the platform and she was moaning to the man the whole time, the train arrived and thankfully they left.

If I gave an award for the rudest most ungrateful bitch of the week she would win hands down.

As regulars to this blog know one thing that irritates me more than anything else is bad manners, there was no excuse for her behaviour, and language.

It can all be summed up by something I have often said in the past. We got rid of her that man was lumbered with her for the rest of the day.

The fact she was foreign is irrelevant to the tale above but it does show why people often criticise foreigners for their behaviour and attitude. In my opinion she could have been any nationality and she would still have been rude.

Now lets see what fun we have this coming weekend.



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  1. Jason Isaac

    Glad I had sense to go outside after the first moan.