Old Codgers and are you giving back to the community?

Well last weekend was pretty average, the odd shower did not help, and by shower I am referring to the weather not potential visitors to the railway.

Saturday saw both Tom & Harry helping me at the station, before anybody asks I have no idea where Dick was so we could have had the complete set.

During a lull in the lull that was the day the two of them decided to sample the old codgers corner we have at the station. Here they are doing everything most users do except spend money.

They are I gather open to offers to play the ugly sisters in any local pantomime production over the Christmas period.

Also with us on Saturday was Rosemary doing her normal garden maintenance.

This brings us to Sunday. Now on Sunday as is normally the case Sue my wife was with me, and unusually Rosemary turned up for a second day doing the garden. Though personally I suspect she turned up to compare notes with Sue as my behaviour.

As is normal on most Sundays we had the probation service with us doing community payback, and I think it’s fair to say they do an excellent job along most of the railway. Anyway, Rosemary because she is trackside when doing the garden wears a high-vis as do the people undertaking community payback. To cut a long story short which I know is unlike me, one of the lads doing community payback asked Rosemary how many hours she had left to do on community payback. This caused much amusement amongst those present and will be a story that will in the fullness of time pass into railway legend.

Finally on Sunday 92 Squadron hauled the services and on the front was the small loco group headboard. Here is a picture.

Looking at the size of 92 Squadron I could not help wonder what any large loco group would play with locomotive wise?

So there we have it an amusing weekend in more ways than one…