You can lead a horse to water, but to do so you first need a horse.

Last weekend was interesting, it was the first weekend of August and looking back at figures for the last ten years or so it was not going to be busy at the station. It’s the weekend where the locals are coming back off holiday having gone as soon as school broke up for the summer.

Actually having said that ticket sales were not bad both Saturday and Sunday but there was hardly anybody about to avail themselves of what was on offer in the shop.

The locals were either still away or in hiding, the weather did not help with rain on both days at some stage. Almost all those we spoke to were visiting the area and staying locally, I think in most cases they visited the railway purely for something to do for either the day or the afternoon.

There were highlights however, the best being a swan in the middle of the track when one of the services was approaching from Wansford. The driver I think it was got off and chased the swan away. It was observed from the station platform with some amusement as the swan was far fitter and faster than the driver. To paraphrase a saying, the sights you see when you don’t have a camera!

The weather is not on our side this summer, certainly I hope we will be busier through the rest of August and into September, we have some good events planned but it is as always in the lap of the weather gods. I don’t look at the long term weather forecast simply because it changes so often. But hopefully the sun will make more appearances than it has been, we shall wait and see with interest.