Tootling through August

Well here we are working our way through August. So far it’s been a mediocre month weather wise.

This weekend is yet another bank holiday so three days of no doubt cloudy skies. The only good thing is that at least the rain is warm this time of year!

We are still missing a lot of the locals from previous years, I have no idea where they have gone, we always loose a few each year but this year we have lost a fair number.

One thing we have had this year is a number of nice visitors on holiday visit the railway, it’s always nice to chat to people from outside the area, their impression of the city and what it offers is interesting to hear about. Favourite things seem to be the river walks, the cycle paths and places to visit. The one thing most people seem to have in common is that they are not impressed with the city centre and what it has to offer.

It’s also interesting to hear what they have to say about the railway when they are ending their visit, generally their remarks are very positive about the experience with good comments being received about the cafe and the shop as well as the staff on the trains. There is no one thing that lots of people mention as not being enjoyable so we must be doing things right, or as right as we can.

Now we can get ready for the bank holiday, safe in the knowledge that the rain will be warm and the clouds will stop us getting too hot..

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  1. Kim Shaw

    Good evening Arkwright- young Kim here.
    Loving the ramblings and great photos!