What went wrong with the weather at the weekend?

Last weekend saw another of those great institutions that we British like, we had a Bank Holiday.

Now for my overseas readers, and you both know who you are, a bank holiday is where we make the weekend last three days and have a lousy bus service on the Sunday and the Monday.

Normally bank holidays are also spent dodging howling winds, driving rain and the occasional bit of sleet.

But last weekend it all went wrong, we had warm weather and sunshine all three days. Now to be fair we did have a few spots of rain very early on Sunday morning, we saw the spots on the platform, but  in all fairness that could have been one of the local kids having a pee off the road bridge that runs over the top of the station.

Now ever keen to make the most of the visitors who were wandering round in a daze and unsure of what the round bright thing in the sky was the railway managed to run some services late, officially it was due to the cream teas on the later trains. But personally I did hear that on all three days there were reports of deck chairs at the end of platform two especially for the crews to recover in and to calm down after passing Orton Mere and not being mugged for money.

Other highlights over the three days were Paddy on Saturday going round like a terrier on speed, on the Sunday we had Jason refusing to discuss the fetish he had for photographing elephants whilst he was recently in Africa. With the main highlight being on Monday when Tom said his diet was going well as he munched through a bag of crisps.

Personally my highlight was on the Sunday when a visitor stood in the cafe and uttered the immortal words…. I never knew this cafe was here. Immortal in as much as he had said the exact same thing the week previously.

We had a good number of entrants in the I am wearing the stupidest pair of shorts competition. With a few women of advanced years wearing short shorts, proving the fact that they should have ironed their legs before they left home.

As always we had several examples of the fact that most of the dogs we get are a darn sight better behaved than many of the children. Perhaps to correct this I should sell the dogs an ice cream and give the children a Bonio.

So here we are with rain forecast for tomorrow, serve the railway right for running a Wednesday service! With colder weather forecast at the weekend.

Soon have to sort out the heating at Orton Mere ready for the winter, if I could only remember where I put the candles we group together and the box of matches. There is no truth in the rumour that we keep the change in warm water in the winter so we do not suffer frost bite handing it out. But the rumour that you can, during November have a cold drink off the side or a warm one out of the chiller is true. Ah the happy days of ice floating in the top of the bottled water.