Back to normal, well as normal as I ever am.

Well after being off last week with a dose of something I wish I had never had I was back at the station this last weekend.

I am about 75% better so decided rather than sit at home I would open the station.

It was a quiet weekend, the weather did not help on Saturday and the Great Eastern Run on Sunday did us no favours either.

But the few who were about did I am pleased to say spend money.

One advantage of not being rushed of course is that you can spend more time chatting to people and that’s always nice especially if they are visiting the area. I like to hear what people think of both Peterborough and Nene Park, as a resident we can I think become very blinkered in our outlook.

We are now on mainly the blue service which means the last train is at 1506 so it’s nice and early home. One problem of that is if the weather improves mid afternoon. If that happens then we are on the way home just as they are arriving. But as we can’t accurately forecast the weather for specific weekends when the timetable is being compiled at the start of the year we have to go with the flow.

This coming weekend sees a three day diesel gala on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Hopefully the weather will be decent, we shall have to see….