At least I knew what was coming next.

Last weekend saw a three day diesel gala with a difference.

The difference being that all the locomotives were class 31’s. We were marking the 60th anniversary of them coming into service.

As a gala it wont go down as the busiest, the most profitable or for that matter the biggest. But that said it was in my opinion an excellent weekend.

The visitors were generally nice, even though I had three people moan because we were not running steam for those not interested in diesels.

Saturday saw some of the admin team from Railcam visit the railway and we had pleasure in presenting them with the first stamp cover in a limited set of 100 to mark their first year of cameras on the railway.

Amusing incidents were in short supply although I often wonder about the clothing choices of some of the diesel followers. I saw a t-shirt that had I love steam on the front and on the back is had the words just joking!

Footwear was varied and went from bright red wellies to open toed sandals. Just out of interest the red wellies were worn by some chap well past the wrong side of fifty.

Tea and coffee was consumed in quantity, and one noticeable memory was an elderly man that asked if we had instant as he did not like the filter rubbish.

I must say that I did enjoy the weekend especially some of the regular diesel gala visitors coming to say hello. The old codgers corner was well used as well, but with no reports of anybody falling asleep in either of the chairs.

This coming weekend sees a visiting steam loco hauling services and Thomas also in action.

You wait somebody will come along and moan we are not running diesel!