So what have I learnt this year?

So here we are approaching the last weekend of the main running season for the railway, the last weekend of steam services but its followed by a weekends break then two weekends of the Swedish Railcar.

So sitting here looking at the uncharacteristic sunshine, what have I learnt this year?

Well for a start I have learnt that yet again the ones who spend the least generally moan the most.

There is a distinct lack of knowledge on the use of the words please and thank you.

Behind every noisy child that comes through the doors into the station there is a noisy parent not far behind.

We still have parents who expect us when their little offspring drops their ice cream on that platform to replace it for free and with a smile.

If we get two parents and a child in normally the child will have better manners than the parents.

People who read the no toilet sign will still come in and ask if we have a toilet.

A number will, when they find themselves a pound or more short to buy what they want will expect us to say don’t worry have it anyway.

Regulars will come in most weeks ask about the trains, moan if they find we are running late and then walk off minus a thank you and without spending any money.

The best indication a train is due is the number of people gathering at the foot crossing to watch.

So there we have what I have learnt this year, I suppose I have not learnt as much as had by previous knowledge confirmed as still being correct.

In all fairness the nice, friendly, pleasant visitors far outweigh the rude ones, but the sad fact is we are more prone to remember the bad than we are the good.

Who knows next year all the irritating visitors may turn good! Then again I am not holding my breath.