What do Santa’s little helpers do the rest of the year?

Now one question that’s often asked is what Santa’s little helpers do for the rest of the year?

Well I am now in a position to tell you that one of the helpers secretly works the rest of the year undercover at Nene Valley Railway.

He carries out many tasks but the most important one is that he takes the minutes for Board meetings.

During the year he does like to try and keep in trim, for what exactly nobody is really sure. But last night at the board meeting we were treated to him arriving in his Christmas uniform. Apparently he has to try it on at the start of December every year, and if it does not fit he goes on several cross-country runs with a couple of reindeer prodding him along with their antlers until it fits.

As you can see from the picture below he just avoided the runs this year.

So here is the person you know as Philip at the railway, in Santa land he is known as Bunny, mainly because he hops it when there is work to be done.

Apparently as a side line he recycles reindeer droppings as mince pie fillings, but he assures me he does not sell the pies in question onto the railway.

Please wish him a merry Christmas when you see him as he has to work over Christmas.

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  1. Prancer R Deer

    Fantastic. His secret is out!