Some people never cease to amaze me.

I sat here today my attention split between sorting out some software, watching the snow coming down outside and watching the Wansford station Cam on Railcam.

Today the weather was to put it mildly, horrible. I don’t go out in snow and ice as I have this knack of going horizontal, and that I am not keen on.

However, looking at the webcam I saw working members beavering about in the cold and the snow, clearing paths, points and anything else that needed clearing. They were guiding visitors who had braved the snow to take their children on the Santa special trains. Making sure they had an enjoyable day despite the weather.

The one thing the railway excels at is adapting and coping in the face of adversity. Today showed the working members at their very best, they never cease to amaze me.

I am privileged to work with them, and I am aware of that every single time I do so.