I may have been a bit early.

Last Sunday saw me back at the station after a few weeks off suffering from the lurgi.

I was firing on 3 ¾ cylinders, but decided a bit of fresh air would do me the world of good.

I may have been a bit premature, I woke up on Monday feeling like the proverbial dogs dinner, had breakfast and went back to bed.

This was the wife reaction when I said I was not feeling too good again.

Whilst I have been ill Sue has been looking after me, I am not sure if she has been mothering me or smothering me!!

So hopefully I will feel OK for the excitement this coming Sunday. We shall see.

Other exciting news is that we have a few other types of coffee for the station staff from the Tassimo machine and now two different hot chocolate. All at 30p a pod. Normal free tea and coffee still available of course for working members. And I don’t class working as being the only thing you do is work at getting a free drink!!

One final bit of excitement was a bag of dog dirt by the station name sign on platform 1. I am going to have to declare war on dog owners, it will not be a pretty sight!!