Half a weekend.

This weekend we just opened Saturday.

The reason being that on Sunday morning I rapidly decided I was in official terms “Not fit for Duty.”

Just after Christmas as some of you will know I came down with a dose of something nasty, and to be honest I don’t think I am 100% recovered yet.

As on Saturday we had a dead day with about six people through the doors not counting the staff. I don’t think we missed much today, but having said that I would not have opened even if it had been a gala.

Lots of people I have known over the years have turned up for work when they shouldn’t have done so. It is foolish because in the long run you just feel worse for longer.

Take today for example at 9am I went back to bed and woke just after 1pm. I don’t normally do that just as normally I don’t do ill.

Hopefully I will be much better next weekend, we shall see.

One good thing from yesterday was that I got an excellent shot of the locomotive as it arrived at Orton Mere late. Actually it was the earliest it was late all day!

Here is the picture, taken on my iPhone X, and it shows I think why I don’t bother to carry a normal camera with me these days.

As always click on it for a bigger image.

If you look closely you will see the station mascot standing by the signal box waiting for the train to pass.

Now back to coughing and spluttering. It is not a pastime I really recommend.