Water Water Everywhere, Just Not At The Station.

Well we were scuppered from opening today.

For those who know the station will be aware that the water supply to, and the sewage from the station run via the long closed toilet block in the car park.

Today when the wife and I arrived at the station we found when we tried to turn it on that we had no water.

Phil who does station maintenance turns up and after checking the normal suspects for frozen pipes etc. took a look at the toilet block.

Between Friday evening and Sunday morning (Today) somebody had obtained entry and stolen from the toilet block all the copper pipe.

So until that’s sorted with the council who own the toilet block then the station is closed.

I know there is a lot of what’s known as petty crime these days, but to go into a long closed toilet block and steal the piping is getting in my opinion a bit desperate.

I can open the station minus many things but water is not one of them, so here I am at home on a Sunday afternoon writing this Blog instead of awaiting final service.

Two things will appear on here, one will be updates and two will be me moaning about lack of progress. You are welcome to take bets on what will appear first.