The other route to Peterborough.

The large majority of people who have traveled on the railway will have gone between Orton Mere and Peterborough Nene Valley station.

However, I wonder how many people remember the old route at weekends before our Peterborough Nene Valley station was built.

A DMU used to travel between Peterborough main line station and Orton Mere. Here is a ticket from 1985 towards the end of the service running.

The fare was £1.20p these days it’s £5.00 return to our present station.

For a larger version please click on the ticket..

A number of people who visit the station ask why we don’t run into the city centre mainline station, and most seem surprised when I said we used to.

Did you ever travel the Fletton Branch to and from the City Centre? If so what do you remember of the journey, please leave your comments. Just click on the leave a reply button.

This is a picture of one of the DMU’s at Orton Mere.